Total Building Inspections Qld has decades of experience undertaking pre-purchase building inspections. South East Queensland buyers have greater peace of mind knowing that an independent professional inspection has been made on their intended purchase.

We inspect every type of residential property, including new and established houses, townhouses, apartments and units. We also inspect commercial and industrial properties such as warehouses, factories and commercial offices.

How are we different?

The pre-purchase building inspections we conduct throughout South East Queensland are extremely thorough. Total Building Inspections Qld uses a comprehensive inspection checklist which has been progressively refined and updated over many years to ensure we do not miss any potential defect.

Our building inspection reports fully detail all visible defects, outstanding works and areas of the building and property which require maintenance. The costs of carrying out the rectification and maintenance works recommended by Total Building Inspections Qld are fully detailed in each building inspection report in easy-to-understand language.

We recommend you do not sign contracts relating to the purchase of any home, townhouse, apartment, unit, shop, warehouse, factory or commercial office until after you have:

1. Had the building thoroughly inspected by Total Building Inspections Qld

2. Received a detailed report on the condition of the property

3. Had sufficient time to fully consider and discuss all of the likely implications of identified defects and the estimated costs of rectification and/or maintenance

However, you may be very interested in a particular property, feel it meets your particular needs and you do not want another buyer to make an offer on the property before you do. In this instance, we advise you make an offer as soon as possible, subject to the following condition: ‘Subject to a building inspection by Total Building Inspections Qld that I am / we are satisfied with’.

Pre-purchase building inspections
The inspector or engineer is checking the building structure and the requirements of the wall paint. After the renovation is completed

Making an offer with the above condition attached to it effectively reserves the property for you but still allows you to withdraw from the purchase agreement if our inspection report is unfavourable in any way—and not only in relation to major structural defects.

Regarding auctions, we recommend you arrange for the property you are interested in to be thoroughly inspected by Total Building Inspections Qld prior to the auction. We suggest you allow sufficient time to fully consider and discuss all the likely implications of identified defects and the estimated costs of rectification and/or maintenance prior to auction day.

Our pre-purchase building inspection reports list all major and minor visible and/or audible defects, and recommend the rectification and / or maintenance works, such as re-stumping, underpinning cracked external brick walls, re-wiring, re-plumbing, painting, replacement of gutters and downpipes which should be attended to in the short term (i.e. next 12 months)

Once completed, you can use the Total Building Inspections Qld defect list and rectification / maintenance report as an aid to help you negotiate a price reduction for the property for a private property sale, or to help you determine the maximum price you are prepared to bid for a property at auction.

If you need to arrange an urgent pre-purchase inspection, please contact Total Building Inspections Qld on 1300 0 TOTAL right away.


We will match any written quotation dated within 7 days.