Dilapidation inspections (also called surveys) and dilapidation reports (also called pre-construction reports or existing condition reports) have been conducted and prepared by Total Building Inspections QLD for many years throughout South East Queensland.

Total Building Inspections QLD has extensive experience conducting inspections and reporting on the condition of buildings and their surrounding infrastructures, such as footpaths, driveways, retaining walls, boundary fences and more. It is important to determine all relevant factors prior to the commencement of construction work on either adjoining or nearby properties or on land set aside for the extension of freeways or other roadworks.

Why seek dilapidation surveys?

The purpose of a dilapidation report is to independently detail all pre-existing defects in the condition of buildings which include apartments, apartment blocks, houses, homes, units, townhouses, garages, sheds, bungalows, commercial office buildings, shops, warehouses and factories. Equally important is an evaluation of the surrounding infrastructure prior to the commencement of construction—which includes excavating, digging trenches, drilling holes or compacting earth—on adjoining or nearby properties.

If you are contemplating carrying out any building work on your property or planning on engaging a builder or developer to perform construction on your property, it is strongly recommended to first have a dilapidation survey carried out on adjoining properties. The resulting dilapidation report will set out all pre-existing defects in adjoining or surrounding buildings and other structures. The report is usually given to and signed by the owners of directly neighbouring properties.

Dilapidation reports greatly assist landowners and contractors who are developing properties from eliminating fraudulent claims for defects and compensation, either during the construction works or after completion

Dilapidation Report
Dilapidation inspections

A final inspection may be undertaken on completion of the construction works and any changes can be documented so that remedial works can be undertaken.

Most local councils require a dilapidation inspection and report as part of their approval process for developments.

Councils can also request that dilapidation inspections and reports cover areas outside of a building site such as council footpaths, kerbs and the condition of the road.

Total Building Inspections Qld conducts detailed, thorough dilapidation inspections and provides clients with accurate and comprehensive dilapidation reports. Photos are taken of any pre-existing defects, such as cracks in brick walls and concrete driveways. The defects are fully described (i.e. the type and location of the defect) and measured, so the width of cracks in external and internal brick walls is fully documented.

Total Building Inspections Qld stores all dilapidation reports and digital photos safely.

If you need to arrange a thorough dilapidation inspection and obtain a comprehensive pre-existing condition report, please contact Total Building Inspections Qld on 1300 0 TOTAL.


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