Building and Pest Inspections Sunshine Coast

Trusted Building and Pest Inspections on the Sunshine Coast

Total Building Inspections QLD ensures that every building and pest inspection on the Sunshine Coast is conducted meticulously, providing a comprehensive overview of the property’s current condition. The owner, Rob, has an impressive 44 years of experience in the building industry. He started as an apprentice and honed his skills over the years, gaining valuable insights into the causes of building defects and the necessary procedures for rectification.

Having performed countless inspections, Rob is deeply committed to safeguarding individuals against purchasing defective properties. Furthermore, he is a licensed timber pest inspector, capable of assessing termite activity on your property. Pests can infiltrate your home or business, resulting in costly damage that requires rectification. Our goal is to assist you in acquiring a quality building while ensuring the protection of your investment. Contact us today to discover how we can be of service to you.

Get the Best Building and Pest Inspections for Your Sunshine Coast Home

We offer comprehensive building and pest inspections on the Sunshine Coast for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Our team caters to home buyers, investors, and homeowners seeking to shield their properties from pest infestations. Additionally, if you are constructing a new home from the ground up, we can conduct stage inspections. These inspections involve assessing your property at various stages of construction to ensure compliance with the relevant plans, codes, and specifications.

Prior to purchasing a property, we highly recommend conducting a pest inspection. This examination ensures that no hidden issues arise from active or previous pest problems. We specialise in pest inspections, covering termites, wood borers, and fungi. Pest issues are common in all properties and, if left unchecked, can undermine the structural integrity of your building. Allow us to assist you in preserving the pristine condition of your property.

Building and Pest Inspections Sunshine Coast

Thorough Sunshine Coast Building and Pest Inspection Services

Property buyers and owners on the Sunshine Coast can rest assured knowing that an independent professional is available to conduct a comprehensive building and pest inspection. We employ a meticulously developed and continually updated checklist to ensure that all areas are thoroughly examined and included in our comprehensive report. Our building inspection reports provide detailed information on visible defects, outstanding work, and areas in need of improvement. Additionally, Total Building Inspections QLD recommends rectification measures.

You can utilise our comprehensive report to negotiate a price reduction or determine the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the property. Should you wish to secure the property before another buyer makes an offer, our team is prepared to conduct an urgent building and pest inspection. You can make an offer promptly, stipulating that payment will be made once our team completes the inspection.

Do you need a building and pest inspection on the Sunshine Coast? Get in touch with Total Building Inspections QLD and avail our services today!

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