Rob has been in the building industry for 39 years starting out as an Apprentice in Bricklaying in 1980. Rob learnt his craft with a small family building business, in Toowoomba. Rob’s boss (Dave) was a bricklayer and Dave’s brother (Phil) was a carpenter. Rob and Dave would prepare sites, pour footings and in those days brick bases to floor level and then they would prepare and pour the concrete floors. Once this was done Rob would work with Phil and do the carpentry including cutting and pitching the frames and roof, preparing for roof sheets, Installing windows etc. After this was done Dave and Rob would lay all brickwork to project and complete landscaping through to full completion of project. This taught Rob many skills and gave him a wide range of knowledge about the building industry which he has built on over years of experience. It has given him the ability to understand why defects in buildings happen and what procedures need to be put in place to rectify problems.

Rob is a licensed Builder with the QBCC and has been involved with numerous building projects including renovations and insurance repairs. Because he has worked in these areas, he is experienced, and has a keen eye as to how buildings deteriorate over time.

Rob is an experienced Building inspector with hundreds of inspections under his belt and is passionate about protecting people against buying a defective property. He says people buy cars and have them serviced and maintained but quite often forget to look after their house until tell tale signs appear which can become very expensive to repair.

We recommend having your house inspected even if you are not selling, just to know the signs of deterioration early and head off expensive rectification work.

Rob is a licensed Timber pest inspector and has informed property owners on numerous occasions about Termite activity on their property’s. He says, if you don’t know the tell tail signs of timber pest activity, you don’t know. If you don’t know, Timber pests can infiltrate your property causing untold damage that will be expensive to rectify and sometimes making buildings worthless.

Investment properties are quite often overlooked as renter’s are not looking to protect the investment that you have made. Quite often years go by without any type of inspection being performed giving timber pests ample time to set up and literally eat you out of house and home.

Rob recommends having your investment property inspected for timber pests regularly to reduce the risk of timber pest ingress to building structures.